We offers a full range of offshore services for the incorporation of offshore companies, opening of offshore bank accounts and other offshore financial and asset protection tools. Our integrity has been proven by our clients during long term present on the market. Our service includes not only the company incorporation and annual administration but also the full range of consulting services. Our consultants are skilled in administration and using of offshore companies and able to utilize innovative ideas and solutions to meet the individual needs of the client.

We offer tax free companies, corporations and offshore asset protection tools in "top" jurisdictions such as Seychelles, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, BVI, and others. All companies are incorporated by local registered agents and licensed attorneys in the country of the incorporation. Therefore we are able to provide really fast expedite services; it is possible to register a company within 48 hours in some jurisdictions.

We always take an individual approach to any client. The initial consultations, analyses of the specific situation and the proposals of the most suitable scheme are free of charge. We are in a contact with the client for the whole period in which he uses our services and we offer free-of-charge consultations to individual business cases as well.

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