BANK ACCOUNTS - to have effective offshore structure you need to set up a bank account for your company. We can assist our clients to open business account with additional services such internet banking and VISA/MasterCard. We usually recommend opening account with traditional financial institution. We also understand that client’s needs and preferences should be quite different. It is common that bank account opening requirements and offered services differ from house to house. Therefore we have portfolio of bank institution from which our clients can choose. Based on your request we will provide you with detailed info.

- is a very effective offshore tool. If you want to hide your personal connecion with offshore structure, you shouldn't waste a time and use our nominee service program. Each comapny docs will be signed by our professional nominee director. You will run teh operations based on Power of Attorney. Not enough for you? Ask us about nominee bank account signatory.

VIRTUAL OFFICE - offers same services a “classic” office provides; however it is protected from renting or leasing office space. Correspondence address or tel. /fax answering service is made based on the concept of virtual present in the place of business. Range of service depends only on yours requirements. We can set up your virtual business address almost anywhere in the world. San Francisco, Vancouver, Tokyo, Cape Town, Sydney, Beijing, Dubai………..

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